Our Fairytale

The fairytale begins in 2007 when winemaker Anders Vinther and his wife Vikki moved from Denmark to California with their 3 month old son, Kristoffer. As a Quality executive at a local biotech firm, Anders already had a solid background in biochemistry as well as a passion for good wines. With regular trips to the Wine Country, the couple never dreamed that one day they’d have their own winery and be producing award-winning wines. What began as an experiment with a colleague and fellow winemaker, became the winery’s first release, a 2012 Sauvignon Blanc from Lodi, which would launch Flying Suitcase Wines.

The beautifully decorated, family-friendly Tasting Room in San Carlos opened in the summer of 2016 adding to the growing number of wineries in the Industrial Arts Zone area of the city. Visitors can enjoy a casual wine-tasting at the winery every Saturday and Sunday and most likely the Winemaker and his wife will be the ones pouring the wine and sharing their stories!